‘Frost Me Like A Cake For My Birthday,’ Says Gorgeous Slutty Sophia Locke (The Easy C-mmer)

SEXDORK: So you’re an easy comer.
SEXDORK: What does that mean? How many seconds or minutes does it take for you to make yourself cum?
SOPHIA LOCKE: It can go really fast. It can depend. I think with clitoral stimulation, it takes me a little bit longer. But with penetration, I can cum pretty quickly. And then also I’ve had the luck of having a lot of good co-performers where I say, “Just like that. Keep going.” And they’ll keep going, and it just takes, I mean, it can be under a minute if it’s the right energy. So it works out.
SEXDORK: Typically, how many times do you cum in one day?
SOPHIA LOCKE: I masturbate pretty much every night. But that’s more of a boredom thing than an “I need to cum” thing. And then I would say if I’m having sex, at least a couple of times. So a couple of times a day.
SEXDORK: So you’re not cumming 100 times a day or something.
SOPHIA LOCKE: No but I did do a cam show a long time ago, I was doing a Sybian show, and they paid me to cum, and I think I got in 75. By the end of it, I had to switch to different toys because my clit was raw from all of the vibration.
SEXDORK: You came 75 times-ish in one day.
SEXDORK: What amount of time was that?
SOPHIA LOCKE: Like a couple hours maybe.
SEXDORK: So when you’re having all those orgasms, are you in a kind of euphoria, or does it start to be like weird?
SOPHIA LOCKE: It starts to become torture. And that’s part of why they liked it, because they liked torturing me. And that’s also kind of a call back to BDSM too. I like the control within my boundaries. I like to see how far I can push myself. And I like shoots where maybe there’s a little more of a pain aspect or a BDSM aspect and I like to challenge myself to see how much I can take. So it turns from pleasure to suffering in a hot way at a certain point. I don’t know if that’s like orgasm number 35 or 70. That was years ago. It’s an interesting dynamic to see how far I can push myself. And by the end of it, I’m exhausted and cum-drunk.
SEXDORK: What is cum-drunk?
SOPHIA LOCKE: Just high from all of the orgasms. You can also get dick drunk. There’s lots of drunks.
SEXDORK: I have really been around the block and I have never heard these terms.
SOPHIA LOCKE: Yeah and I’m a millennial so I shouldn’t know any new terms.
SEXDORK: What is your masturbation ritual?
SOPHIA LOCKE: My Hitachi between my legs. My legs straight under the covers. It’s not very sexy. You would not want to film it. But looking up porn, like tube site porn.
SEXDORK: Are you on your back or stomach?
SOPHIA LOCKE: Back. I’ve never humped pillows or anything like that.
SEXDORK: No bath water?
SOPHIA LOCKE: I did it for a scene recently where I did it with a shower head, but I had never done it before. And I was like, it does feel pretty good. But I like a really strong Hitachi vibration. It’s the tried-and-true for years.
SEXDORK: What are the sex toys or lube you can’t live without?
SOPHIA LOCKE: I prefer water-based lube. And sometimes I’ll use it on set, especially if it’s a long day on set. Things don’t lubricate as fast, especially when you’re jumping from stills to video really quickly. And the Hitachi is my main sex toy. I’ll use other dildo toys but nothing compares to the Hitachi.
SEXDORK: Have you ever got that extra long attachment for Hitachi where it’s got that little dial on it? It adds a dial so you can change the power.
SOPHIA LOCKE: Oh interesting. No because it’s always on high. Yep.
SEXDORK: Let’s say it’s your birthday. What would be the perfect day you have? How many people is it? Or none? How much foreplay? What kind of foreplay? How long do you want them to last?
SOPHIA LOCKE: Are you arranging this for me? This is lovely. I expect you to take notes if you’re arranging my birthday gangbang. For my last birthday, it happened to fall on a 12-girl orgy, so we turned it into my birthday orgy, and that was lovely. But I think my main kink is multiple men, so the more the merrier, and the more cum the merrier. Frost me like a cake for my birthday, right?
SEXDORK: Sounds great. How many guys, do you think? What’s the perfect number of people?
SOPHIA LOCKE: The most I have done is seven and that was before I was in the industry. It was a great experience, actually. And in the industry the most I’ve done is five at a time. I think five is a good number. There’s only so many holes to go around.
SEXDORK: And you want to be covered?
SOPHIA LOCKE: Yes I haven’t done a bukkake scene. They all came, the five, on my face. But I would do a full bukkake with lots of men.
SEXDORK: What do you think you’re best at? Like blowjobs or enthusiasm or some other specific thing, or an ethereal thing?
SOPHIA LOCKE: I would say attitude. I genuinely get excited about things. And I love that that comes through. And I think it elevates everybody else’s experience too when you can be excited about them and I can be excited about you.
SEXDORK: That’s what I always think. I always think the greatest thing you can have sexually is enthusiasm.
SOPHIA LOCKE: Absolutely. Absolutely.
SEXDORK: Like you want to be there.
SOPHIA LOCKE: Yes and I hear stories about how there are so many people who don’t, or who are just there for a paycheck, which I wouldn’t do it for free, I like the money aspect of it, but I generally enjoy it and I hope that comes through when you watch me.
SEXDORK: What is the perfect amount of time for a guy to last that gets you what you want but doesn’t go too long?
SOPHIA LOCKE: Like 10 to 15 minutes. Yeah you do these scenes for like 45 minutes and you’re like, this is way longer than I would actually have sex. I like to have that connection and let it be a lot of adrenaline and then grab some food.
SEXDORK: What’s the perfect volume you want a guy to cum?
SOPHIA LOCKE: I like a lot but I don’t care either way. I like it when he does.
SEXDORK: I mean there are some people who don’t want to hear guys cum really loud.
SOPHIA LOCKE: Oh you mean volume. I was thinking of cum load. So the decibel level? I would say I like knowing that a guy is enjoying himself, of course. But there is a certain level when it becomes ridiculous. It becomes the porn voice but for men. Like “uhn.” There’s a line, and you have to find the line.
SEXDORK: I never really thought about this much but I’ve heard a lot of women especially say they don’t want to hear too much cumming from a guy.
SOPHIA LOCKE: I would say I’ve heard women be more enthusiastic about hearing men enjoy themselves in general throughout the process. That’s a really nice part. If you’re not getting any feedback and you’re down blowing somebody and you don’t know if they’re enjoying it, or if you’re doing a good job, it’s much less fun. So I like there to be some volume throughout.
SEXDORK: What kind of words do you like hearing from men?
SOPHIA LOCKE: I like pretty much everything except for bitch because bitch isn’t sexual for me. But anything that is sexual, slut, whore, fuck toy, fuck doll, my main kink is objectification being used as a set of holes so anything that does that works for me. Bitch just seems too mean.
SEXDORK: So you’re a sub in real life.
SOPHIA LOCKE: I typically trend toward that and I’ve been a little more switchy as I’ve gotten older. Mostly because I’m working with 20-year-olds and they’re not going to dominate me, that’s cute.
SEXDORK: There are a lot of people who are dommish in porn and subish at home.
SOPHIA LOCKE: I was always submissive. That’s probably what triggers my happy place the most is good girl or being told what to do. I think maybe because I’m so extroverted and people assume I’m dominant by the way I speak so it’s fun to kind of turn that off and give someone else the reigns.
SEXDORK: You’re smart. You found your community in porn. I’m always trying to find my community while I’m not in porn. So I want to ask you how you found your community.
SOPHIA LOCKE: I started in the webcaming world after being into the BDSM community at 25 or so. So just the freedom that people have of being naked or exploring things they found really pleasurable, that maybe normal society frowned upon. That just felt like my comfort zone, I guess. That’s kind of how I started with it.
SEXDORK: But how specifically did you find your community?
You didn’t just go online and be like, how do I find trustworthy people who love fucking and cummimg?
SOPHIA LOCKE: Well I was really lucky in the sense that I was very excited about it and I wasn’t very discerning when I first started out so I was just excited to be on FetLife. I was on that website for a while. And I was so kind of addicted to the adrenaline of BDSM that I wasn’t very picky so I would go to events where I would just say, I want to experience this, so sure, you can tie me up. And I was very lucky to get out of it unscathed and to have found a good community. But it wasn’t because I did it with intention.
SEXDORK: That’s kind of amazing.
SOPHIA LOCKE: Yeah I got lucky.
SEXDORK: Looking back, if you were going to give advice to people looking for a community to get the sex they want, with people who don’t have a shame about fucking and masturbating and cumming, what would you tell someone who’s not in the business?
SOPHIA LOCKE: I have advised women to start by finding other women in the community, specifically through Twitter. It has a really nice place to sus out people who are friendly, and then it is full of women who are friendly and confident and secure and who genuinely do enjoy other women too, not just sexually but as friends. I would be able to find a community out of that because we help each other out. We warn against predators in the industry and so that’s probably where I would say to start.
SEXDORK: What do you search for?
SOPHIA LOCKE: Oh gosh, you just search for other sex workers, I suppose. I wouldn’t really know how to find it in your general community but at least now with OnlyFans being more of a common thing, there’s a little less of a stigma so even at your workplace you might find somebody that has an OnlyFans, and you can start that way.
SEXDORK: Has having that community been everything you wanted it to be?
SOPHIA LOCKE: Absolutely.
SOPHIA LOCKE: When I left the industry, I left for five years, and I went into real estate and I met some lovely people, but I couldn’t fully be myself. So I think the community of people who don’t have shame about their sexuality or giving themselves pleasure or sharing that with people in a consensual environment, those are just the people I connect with the most, because there isn’t that judgment. I don’t feel any shame. I don’t feel any judgment or criticism coming from them.
SEXDORK: I’m an anti-prude. I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out how to teach anti-prudes not to be prudes. Any thoughts?
SOPHIA LOCKE: I firmly believe it’s not my place to change people’s beliefs or behavior. All I can do is share my actual experience which I think is different, especially in the porn industry, than people think it is. Through TikTok specifically, I’ve had a lot of comments from people who had a different view of what this job actually is day-to-day, what kind of people do this job, the intelligence level of people who do this job, especially women. And while I might not change their views on their sexuality, I can guide them to the truth of what this profession actually is.
SEXDORK: I love your TikTok. Honestly it’s so good. What’s funny is I was thinking of questions to ask you and then I looked at your TikTok and you were answering a bunch of my questions. What do you think the main three or four questions you get are?
SOPHIA LOCKE: The one I get the most is from men on how to get them into the industry and it’s not my place to do that, and if you have to ask me, then you’re probably not going to be great at it. So I get that one a lot. I get a lot of comments about my family, “must be proud of me,” in a sarcastic biting way, and I addressed that early on, on TikTok, because I lost my mom because of this industry. And I still don’t regret being in it because it’s so fulfilling to me.
SEXDORK: Worth losing your mom over?
SOPHIA LOCKE: It was because I learned her love was conditional. I wouldn’t have known that otherwise. I didn’t know there was something I could do, an action I could take, that would cause her to love me less. I would rather have that knowledge, you know what I mean? Than to be ignorantly blissful quietly doing BDSM, with nobody knowing and still have that relationship with her.
SEXDORK: But your dad is supportive.
SOPHIA LOCKE: Yes I called him when I got back in the industry and said: I wanted you to hear this before you heard it from anyone else and I know you thought I was out but I’m going back in. And he said: “Aren’t you in your 30s or something? So isn’t there less of a stigma? Maybe it’ll help you with your singing career. You do whatever you need to do.” Although I think I ruined porn for him. I don’t think he watches it anymore because his daughter does it. But he’s supportive of me as a human. He knows I’m really happy and he knows I’m not a victim in this industry in any way.
SEXDORK: What is the question you wish people would ask but never do? Or rarely do?
SOPHIA LOCKE: I don’t think I can think of one. The first thing that comes to mind is, are you happy? But I think I exude that so much that people don’t need to ask that. I think it’s pretty apparent that I’m just thrilled to be here.
SEXDORK: Yeah this is the thing that radiates from you in your work and your TikTok and in person is that you are a true believer in cumming.
SOPHIA LOCKE: Yeah it’s the best. And it’s not even cumming. I mean I do cum really easily and that’s a plus in this industry. But it’s more of just the adrenaline rush of sexuality, of sharing it, making other people happy, of making that connection with people. As a true exhibitionist, I love knowing that people enjoy that and they want to see more and that drives me to produce more, honestly.
SEXDORK: Yeah I’m an exhibitionist and my therapist is always like: I think it’s because of blah blah blah. And I’m like, I think it’s because there’s nothing better in the world than cumming and everything that comes before and everything that comes after it.
SOPHIA LOCKE: Yes literally everything!
SEXDORK: I’m like, there are people that are foodies in this country and crafts people, and we don’t go, I think you’re a foodie because of blah blah blah. Why can’t I just be into pleasure?
SOPHIA LOCKE: Yeah. I don’t know if you’re this way but I’ve been hypersexual since I was a teenager, and so for me, I always sought out that energy, that sexual energy with people, and this way I can monetize it and it is my actual job to be slutty and to have people pay to watch me be slutty. It’s a dream. It’s so much better than being in an office and thinking all the thoughts and not acting on them.
SEXDORK: That’s what I think. I watch you and I go: what a dream come true. You hit the genetic lottery to look like you do but you also have the willpower and lack of shame all coming together.
SOPHIA LOCKE: I appreciate that. It’s funny because one thing my mom said was, who is this person I raised? I’m so disappointed. But honestly I got so much of my confidence and intelligence from her, and it has helped me succeed in this industry, and I know it would kill her to know that but I was raised really well and so it has only benefited me in pursuing it for so long.
SEXDORK: I get the feeling that when you’re in porn, you’re either a stepdaughter or a stepsister or a stepmom. And then you can’t really have any time in between those things. There’s no, like, roommates.
SOPHIA LOCKE: Right I heard it from a director who said it best which was: If you’re 25 and hot, it’s so much harder to book things because you don’t look young enough to be a teen or stepdaughter or step sister, but you’re not quite old enough to be a milf or a stepmom. So just coming back into the industry at 36 or 37, I was worried I was too old, and I got back in and they were like, no we need milfs. If you have big breasts and you’re a little bit older and you have that kind of confidence with dominance, then it’s really fun, and I get really a lot of fun creepy things to do.
SEXDORK: I saw on your TikTok you said one day I’m going to be a gilf.
SOPHIA LOCKE: Yes I will stay in this industry until someone drags me out of it kicking and screaming. because I already lost it once and I’m so lucky to have anyone care that I’m back. I want to hold on to it and I want to grow it in a way that is sustainable long-term. I’m happy to play a pervy Nana.
SEXDORK: I love that so much. When anybody ever talks about step porn to me, I’m always like, first of all step porn with the audio off is called porn. Second of all, step porn is almost the only porn that has story now.
SOPHIA LOCKE: Interesting. I don’t watch a lot of highly produced porn actually, I just do it.
SEXDORK: What do you think the appeal is of step?
SOPHIA LOCKE: I don’t know. I do enjoy it but it’s not what I look up. My theory is it is just taboo enough to get people excited but like you said, you can skip past the dialogue and it would be just like any other porn. So it’s not so extreme with the fetishes that you can’t get off on it, if you’re not necessarily into it.
SEXDORK: Last thing. Where is the main place people can go to find you?
SOPHIA LOCKE: I would say the best thing to do is Google me, and my OnlyFans is The Sophia Locke. But if you Google, not only do you get my social media, which everyone is shadow banned so it’s hard to search, you also get my porn.
SEXDORK: And what do you want them to do once they find you?
SOPHIA LOCKE: I want them to stroke their cocks, please, thank you. That’s the idea right? That’s what we’re doing.

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