What a red carpet really looks like (with Ted Danson, Jennifer Tilly, Kevin Pollak and Jessa Hinton)

Who doesn’t love Ted Danson? Or Jennifer Tilly? And Kevin Pollak was nice. And so was Jessa Hinton, the interviewer.
This was Saturday at a charity poker tourney to raise money to help people live better lives despite their cerebral palsy and other difficulties, and that’s Jacob Zalewski (in the chair) who created this One Step Closer Foundation.
I took video on the red carpet. These are screenshots from the video. That’s why they’re not good pix like the ones my friend Gabe (the professional photographer) took.
This is also where I was having my panic attack, if you read my earlier thing about that.
If I hadn’t been having a panic attack, I probably would’ve done some light interviewing and asked Ted Danson where he thinks his character from the Good Place is now.
But at least I stood there and got some video. And then ate their free cheese and cookies.
Oh, also on the carpet we’re: ‘Big Country’ Roy Nelson, Kelvin Sheppard, Tashard Choice. And this was Saturday (March 4 2023) at the Aria hotel.


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