Laugh therapy makes me look out of my mind but it does the opposite. It makes me feel better!

The human body can’t tell the difference between real laughing and fake laughing, experts say.
So if you fake laugh, you get all of the same physical and mental benefits of real laughs.
That’s why I’ve been doing these fake laughing exercises when I wake up sometimes, and when I’m upset sometimes.
I always feel awkward at first but then I settle into these laughing yoga routines, and they always make me feel better in one way or another.
They never make me feel worse!
I’ve realized the main benefit for me personally is a calmer circulation between my heart and my nerves.
My nerve endings feel less negatively reactive.
The benefits of laughing a lot (according to the Mayo clinic) include:
Increasing endorphins in my brain, relieving pain and stress, and boosting overall well-being.
Lowering blood pressure and heart rate.
Pumping oxygenated air into my heart, lungs and muscles.
Relaxing my muscles and helping my circulation.
Improving my mood and immune system.
Battling anxiety, depression and tough times.
Kids laugh 300 times a day but adults laugh only around 30 times a day, supposedly.
Doing these fake laughs gets me to 300 a day.
I didn’t invent laugh therapy. I stumbled on it by seeing YouTube videos by Bianca Spears, and a Ted talk by Liliana DeLeo.
So if you want to wake up happier, or lift your spirits when you’re feeling down, why not try laugh therapy?
It’s your choice!
I feel like these laugh exercises would be even more fun in the company of another person or especially at a party.


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