Free Therapy: Secrets From My Own Therapy On How To Get And Stay Sane

Hi, this is Dougable from the Internet, and today I have a very special message for you from SANITY.
Now, we haven’t talked about sanity in America very often because we very frequently talk about how there are many people in society who have a mental illness.
And I am not here to cast aspersions on people who are triumphing through their mental illness.
I am not here to be anti-pills or anti any kind of therapies for people that suffer from mental illness.
In fact, I myself have been in therapy for many years which keeps me sane.
And I would highly recommend that every single person immediately seek therapeutic help, so that we can stop the societal insanity that is trying to seep into all of us.
I can personally attest to the fact that I don’t really read the news that much. That’s a very big admission from someone like me. A journalist. But as it turns out, there’s a lot of bad journalism in the world.
I’m also not here to castigate journalism. The news is a very necessary component of the world. This is how we find out about things and stuff, but sometimes it makes people insane.
And so what I’m trying to say is, it’s not just the news, and it’s also not just Twitter, and it’s also not just TikTok or whatever villain the culture has decided is the insane culprit at the moment.
What I would like to say instead is, why don’t we all think about ourselves and how we can be more sane?
Now I’m not saying that if you have some mental struggle or an emotional struggle that there’s something wrong with you or that you can just magically snap your fingers and make everything better.
I mean, this is why I’m in therapy, is because sanity is something that you work on.
Sanity is something that you strive to maintain.
And this is what I have noticed over the last so many years, is that I have blocked about 800 people online.
And that’s mostly because they don’t care about my sanity.
They care about making jokes at someone’s expense. Sometimes mine, sometimes people that are in the comments section of my posts, who are my friends.
So people who attack my friends are not interested in the sanity of my friends.
I however am very interested in the sanity of myself and my friends.
herefore I have blocked many people from my life in real life terms. I’ve blocked them from calling me. I’ve blocked them from texting me. I’ve blocked them from DMing me. I’ve blocked them on Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest, I have even blocked people on Venmo. I don’t even want their money.
So what I’m saying is that there are people in the world like me who believe that it’s very important to work on your sanity and maintain your sanity in this insane world on this planet, that’s flying through space very rapidly and spinning very rapidly, while many news things happen, like volcanoes and earthquakes and mass shootings and politics and celebrity culture, and how you should get more plastic surgery.
And there are a million other things that within themselves are not not necessarily insane.
However, the culture of humanity, not animals, but humanity is insane.
The culture of ants who pile up little ant piles, for all we know, they’re not insane.
But humanity has become quite insane. On top of this, there are people in the world and maybe in your life who think:
“How can I get more money at the expense of someone else’s sanity?”
“How can I get more sex by making someone insane?”
“Or how can I have somebody in my life on a daily basis just so I can have companionship and I’m going to drive them out of their minds?”
And so I’m not saying anything about people in my life right now.
I’m saying I want you to think about the people in your life, and do they make you insane with drama or with trauma or with something like love triangles, or are they they cheating on you, or lying to you, or using substances too much, or doing things behind your back, or saying things about you, or any number of insane-making things that create a paranoia within your brain, where you think this person is driving me insane?
Now again, I’m not talking about the legal definition of insanity, or mental illness, or any of that stuff necessarily.
I’m just saying, like, you don’t want to be driven nuts in a colloquial sense of the word by people or things that you invite into your life.
So here is my recommended daily goal for my life:
Number One, above all else: sanity.
And then six other goals:
Number one, I want to be mentally healthy.
Number two, I want to be emotionally healthy.
Number three, I want to be physically healthy.
Number four, I want to be sexually healthy.
Number five, I want to be spiritually healthy.
Number six, I want to be socially healthy.
And I want all of these helpful things to add up to me remaining a sane person, despite all the insane people and things in the world.
It takes boundaries.
When you go to therapy, you learn boundaries.
So when people step on your boundaries and you feel them making you insane, then you might do something like tell them to their face that they are stepping on your boundaries, and you would prefer that they don’t, and you learn how to talk like this to people in a rational way by learning conflict resolution in therapy.
And that way, you’re not screaming and attacking people, but you’re having a conversation with them about your boundaries and how you’re not quite sure they’re respecting those boundaries, and therefore they’re driving you colloquially insane.
And so then when you’ve created enough boundaries, and they’ve stepped on enough boundaries and they’re driving you insane every second of your life, that’s when it’s time to block them from your life.
I’m not saying you should block everybody from your life. I’m not saying that most people need to be blocked or that most people are crazy or driving yu crazy.
There’s always just like so many people doing it. I heard a wise man say once that there are only five terrible people in the world but they get around.
The very few people who will drive you out of your mind are constantly twisting things for their own amusement or because they’re an egomaniacal narcissist or sociopath or they will tell you to your face that they don’t have empathy for other human beings.
So when people tell you who they really are, when they show you who they really are, believe them. The first time.
That’s a quote from Maya Angelou and Oprah.
And if they’re creating negative emotions, then you might want to think about limiting them or blocking them from your life.
So again, I don’t want you to think I am picking on any one person or one group or any selection of people.
What I’m saying is there are eight billion people in the world, estimated currently, and of those eight billion people, there are quite a few insane people.
And it is kind of your job unfortunately, since there’s no one to filter these people out for your life for you, it’s your job to identify the people who are not interested in your sanity and who are going to constantly manipulate you to try to make you insane for their own benefit.
What I’m saying is, all together, please respect my sanity, and please respect my goals to be the most healthy person, mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually, and socially.
And if you cannot respect these goals of mine, then you don’t get to have me.
And that’s my message to you is, I am here to stake out the continued, maintained sanity of myself and people in my life who remain in my life and who I love and like, and respect.
If I don’t love and like and respect someone, they’re not in my life and that’s how things go.
And I know this probably sounds like I have taken some drastic measures but they aren’t really.
These are very fundamental therapeutic tools to make sure that people do not use me for negative purposes in their lives.
And if you would like to follow my lead, then feel free to think about the people who are not respecting your boundaries.
Think about getting into therapy.
Think about a daily goal of sanity, so when you’re reading something on your phone or watching something on your phone, or if you’re watching the TV or any other old media, whatever you’re doing, just occasionally think to yourself:
Is this behavior of mine to allow negativity in, driving me insane?
And then you can make the choice, whether you want to allow these things to continue to be in your life, making you out of your mind.
Or do you want to block these things from your life?
And if you’re like me, you might end up never on Twitter because Twitter has a goal, it seems like I’m not part of their board of directors, so I can’t speak for their actual goals. But just my inference from being on Twitter in my life is that their goal is to drive people insane at each other, and then people do this.
And there are a lot of good things that are written on Twitter, just like there are good things in the news that you can read about how bad things are and how things can be improved and solutions.
So it’s not that everything is inherently evil. I am not saying that at all, but I’m saying you might want to think to yourself every so often during your day:
Is the thing in front of me, is the person in front of me, is the person I’m on the phone with or texting with, or whatever, or the news or fiction — even if you’re on HBO or if you’re on Netflix or something and you’re like, watching media, if you’re consuming anything at all — just ask yourself:
Is my behavior to allow this crazy-making crazy person in my life — and I don’t mean crazy legally, I just mean you know, wacky or something — is this person affecting my sanity?
Is this person or is this thing in my life going to negatively make me more crazy, more nutty, more wacky, more confused, and frustrated with my life?
Then once you start asking these questions about whether things or people are driving you insane, then you can begin to place some boundaries around those people or block them or limit them or whatever you want to do.
The same with Netflix or Twitter or your phone or anything.
Every single thing that’s in your life is up for judgment as to whether it cares about your sanity, or whether it’s manipulating you in some kind of weird messed-up non-therapeutic way to satisfy their own nutty, whatever it is.
So that they can get more clout so they can get more money, so they can get more power, or so that they can feel like they’re connected to other bad people in their lives.
Just try to embrace sanity.
And that’s my message for today.
I love you very much.
Again, this has been Dougable from the Inernet, and I hope you’re having the best day of your life.


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