How I Like To Come With You (A Sex and Masturbation Q&A)

Sex Star Nicole Doshi tells us about her masturbating routine, how she’d fuck 12 people on her birthday, and how loud she wants a cum to come.

THE SEX DORK: How long does it take you to come from masturbating?
NICOLE DOSHI: I can come pretty quick because I know where my spot is.
THE SEX DORK: Like 1 minute or 5 minutes or 10 minutes?
NICOLE DOSHI: Like within 5 minutes. I consider that pretty quick. Yeah.
THE SEX DORK: Do you fantasize or do you watch porn?
NICOLE DOSHI: I fantasize mostly about the guy I’ve never fucked, because you’re just wondering. It could be like … sometimes I go to the coffee shop. I say, ‘Oh my God, the barista is so hot. I could just see myself having sex with him.’ It’s so bad, you know?
THE SEX DORK: What is your masturbation ritual? Do you lay on your back? Do you do it in the shower?
NICOLE DOSHI: Masturbation, I usually do on my back in my bed with my big giant Hitachi, yes.
THE SEX DORK: So you like to make yourself come on a bed?
THE SEX DORK: I like that too. It’s romantic. You’re being romantic with yourself.
NICOLE DOSHI: It’s comfortable.
THE SEX DORK: What about fucking? Does it take the same amount of time as masturbating or does it take longer?
NICOLE DOSHI: It takes longer, or it depends on who. So with some guys, I can come really quick, and with some guys it takes a little bit and it needs a little help, like playing with my clit is easier.
THE SEX DORK: Let’s say you have the perfect birthday, what would you do for a date, how long would the foreplay be, what sort of sex would you have?
NICOLE DOSHI: For my birthday? Oh my god. Are you going to make this happen?
NICOLE DOSHI: OK, I want 12 guys.
THE SEX DORK: You want 12 guys?
NICOLE DOSHI: I want 12 guys. Tie me up in bed and take turns to fuck me.
THE SEX DORK: You don’t want any foreplay? You don’t want anything beforehand like kissing?
NICOLE DOSHI: Yeah. I want them to kiss me, lick my pussy, suck on my clip, suck on my nipples, yeah, but I just want a lot of guys. I want a lifetime experience.
THE SEX DORK: Do you want them around you with their dicks the whole time? Or do you want them with dicks in you the whole time?
NICOLE DOSHI: I want them all over me. Yeah. They have to take turns fucking me so they have to take turns being in me the whole time.
THE SEX DORK: And how many times would you come on your birthday to be the perfect amount of times?
NICOLE DOSHI: Yeah, OK, how about, I don’t know, I’ve never thought about that. How about 100 times.
THE SEX DORK: In a normal day, how many times do you come?
NICOLE DOSHI: Like two times. On a normal day. If I don’t have a shoot, I will masturbate in the morning when I wake up. That’s the best. Morning sex is the best. And before I go to sleep. It helps me go to sleep. And calm me down. Yeah but if I’m on set, it’s usually like, I don’t want to wear myself out in the morning, so sometimes I will just save my energy on set so I can come so big on the cock. And masturbate at home when I go to sleep. Or sometimes I come two times on set or three times on set. Which is great.
THE SEX DORK: I’ve seen you come before.
NICOLE DOSHI: You did? You just called me the wrong name (before the interview).
THE SEX DORK: That’s because I’m stupid today. I had too much Diet Coke.
NICOLE DOSHI: You are forgiven.
THE SEX DORK: So how loud do you like to be when you come?
THE SEX DORK: Are you loud or quiet?
NICOLE DOSHI: Normally? I’m not really loud. I’m kind of quiet. I’m a kind of quiet fucker.
THE SEX DORK: I’m really loud when I come.
NICOLE DOSHI: Really? What do you say? OK, how about this. I want you to go home tonight, watch my video, masturbate to me, and call me, “Nicole I’m coming!” You’ve got to do that. For me. And leave a comment after.
THE SEX DORK: I’ve heard you are the best and you are. You are fantastic. What do you think about your guy, do you want a guy to be loud or quiet or medium? What’s the best for you?
NICOLE DOSHI: I don’t like a guy being really loud. I like a guy moaning when he fucks me. I feel like that’s really hot, especially around my ear or around my head. It’s just super hot. You know, he feels good and he likes it.
THE SEX DORK: You mean like, ‘Ohh,’ or a moan?
NICOLE DOSHI: You know, like ‘Uhn-uhn.’ Especially when they come. Like ‘Uhn-uhn.’ I think that’s super hot.
So you don’t want them to be like, ‘Oh! Like super loud?
So that’s how you are, super loud?
THE SEX DORK: I can be too loud sometimes.
NICOLE DOSHI: I’ll have to find out. Maybe I’ll like it. But not like a scare-me kind of loud, like ‘OH!’
THE SEX DORK: You don’t want a Halloween experience?
NICOLE DOSHI: No, not like that.
THE SEX DORK: What about handjobs?
NICOLE DOSHI: If you know me, I used to work in a massage place and I used to give people happy endings. So the only reason I stopped doing that is because I don’t think my handjob’s good. I think my blowjobs are better. That’s why I graduated from handjobs to blowing them at the massage parlor. Have you ever gone to one of those places?
THE SEX DORK: I’ve gotten handjobs and I’ve gotten massages. I’ve had massages and happy endings.
NICOLE DOSHI: Yeah that’s what I used to do. Plus blowjobs, plus sitting on their cocks.
THE SEX DORK: So you just think that you’re blowing is a lot more fun?
NICOLE DOSHI: Like I said, I like blowjobs. I like the feel of the cock in my mouth.
NICOLE DOSHI: Yeah. I like that. I don’t know, I just don’t feel them enough when I grab them, the cock in my hand, just stroking it. I feel like I need to do more. I need to explore more. I need to feel them more.
THE SEX DORK: I love that. You seem like you’re a true believer in fucking and jacking off, right? Do you think it’s your calling to be in porn?
NICOLE DOSHI: I never thought I was going to make porn. I always thought I’m really ugly, I’m Asian, I’m short, I don’t have big boobs, I don’t have a big booty, I have long pussy lips, I don’t think I look pretty for porn. Because all the girls I watched in porn, they have tight wet pink nice pussies, yeah. It’s a surprise.
THE SEX DORK: You’re beautiful, as you know, or you should know. You’re incredible. So what was the moment you were like, yeah I want to fuck and come on camera for a living? When did that happen?
NICOLE DOSHI: Probably when I started making OnlyFans videos. My fans would tip me good amounts of money for me to make sex tapes. So I just fucked my clients, I fucked my massage parlor clients, I would fuck them and record and pose on my OnlyFans. That’s the reason I got banned. Never do that again. But I still fuck my fans.
THE SEX DORK: Wait, you got banned from where?
NICOLE DOSHI: OnlyFans. But I got it back now. I’ll behave and be a good girl.
THE SEX DORK: What’s the problem? Doesn’t OnlyFans know you fuck people?
NICOLE DOSHI: Yeah but I’m fucking my fans all over the world.
THE SEX DORK: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.
NICOLE DOSHI: I don’t know but you’re not supposed to do that. But anyway, I was enjoying having a good time. I’m still enjoying it. I’m just not recording it. Before I would record it. I feel like it would be more fun to record because I like to watch myself sucking cock, making it from dry to wet, sloppy, dripping all the saliva, dripping down to his balls. So I love that. I like that. It’s fun for me.
THE SEX DORK: What is your goal now? Do you have a goal? To be a millionaire?
NICOLE DOSHI: For today or next year?
THE SEX DORK: You know, forever?
NICOLE DOSHI: Forever? My goal would be, I don’t know, to see where life takes me, make more money, save more money, fuck more guys, and stay horny. I hope my pussy always stays wet.
THE SEX DORK: For someone like me … I was a stripper when I was younger and all that … so to me what you do seems like a dream come true, and it seems like the perfect life …
NICOLE DOSHI: You were a stripper?
NICOLE DOSHI: You’re a stripper? I have a fantasy you have to make come true. You either have to wear this police officer outfit or a fireman outfit. It’s so hot. You have to strip for me. You have to strand in front of me and rip your clothes. Like ‘pshah.’ Oh my god that’s so hot. And give me a lap dance. That’s my fantasy.
THE SEX DORK: So you like guys in uniform.
NICOLE DOSHI: Yeah so hot.
THE SEX DORK: What are the best uniforms? Cops? Fireman?
NICOLE DOSHI: Cops. Fireman.
THE SEX DORK: Military?
THE SEX DORK: What about astronauts? That big astronaut suit, you know?
NICOLE DOSHI: No, I like the clothes fitted so you can still see their shape. So army, military men and suits.
THE SEX DORK: What about a tennis outfit?
NICOLE DOSHI: No because you’re already seeing a lot of skin so there’s no point in revealing and taking it off.
THE SEX DORK: I just have a couple of more questions. One, is there any sex toy or lube that you cannot live without?
NICOLE DOSHI: I could not live without my Hitachi. I cannot. I just found the best lube. It’s from Bad Dragon. That lube changed my life because I like anal sex. It’s just so slippery and you don’t even need to stretch your butt. It just slips right in.
THE SEX DORK: I’ve never heard of it.
NICOLE DOSHI: You should try it. It’s so slippery. It’s so slippery like my pussy. You can slip your cock right inside of me.
THE SEX DORK: You’re so good at that.
NICOLE DOSHI: I’m better in bed.
THE SEX DORK: You should teach a class in that.
NICOLE DOSHI: I’m still learning from other talents.
THE SEX DORK: Do you have an Amazon wishlist or something where people can buy your stuff?
NICOLE DOSHI: I do. I need to upgrade my list.
THE SEX DORK: What do you want to put on your list? I think I saw your list online?
NICOLE DOSHI: I haven’t updated it in like six months, because my fans don’t buy me stuff anymore. They just buy my dirty panties. I guess they want to sleep with me and come for me.
THE SEX DORK: So they buy your panties. What else do they buy?
NICOLE DOSHI: Lingerie. Dirty panties. Stockings. Slippers.
THE SEX DORK: Do you get everything wet before you mail it?
NICOLE DOSHI: Yeah, I come on it. Yeah but with shoes, slippers, it’s sweat. I just walk and sweat. My feet stink into them.
THE SEX DORK: I used to date someone who sold her socks and her underwear and all that stuff. There are so many people that want to buy that stuff.
NICOLE DOSHI: I know. Yeah. It’s crazy.
THE SEX DORK: Is there anything else. Where do you want people to go to find you?
NICOLE DOSHI: So my Instagram is The Real Nicole Doshi. My Twitter is at Nicole Doshi. And my OnlyFans is at Nicole Doshi.
THE SEX DORK: And what do you want them to do there?
NICOLE DOSHI: You know what? Go straight to my OnlyFans because it’s more fun there. I will get more interactive with you and show you personal videos so you can come for me and feel my slobby wet mouth on your big cock, and my wet pussy getting wet and come for you.
THE SEX DORK: Alright. Incredible.
NICOLE DOSHI: You have to fuck me for you to remember me now.
THE SEX DORK: OK. Where do you want to fuck?
NICOLE DOSHI: Let me suck your cock for you to remember me now.

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