This “Canopée” song by Polo & Pan is super duper goood

Holy shit, this song called “Canopée”  by some DJ duo from France called Polo and Pan is outstanding.

I don’t know how I missed this song when it came out in 2017. Maybe I was too caught up in trying to survive America.

If you ask any of my friends what I am a sucker for the most, they will tell you I love dreamy ethereal female vocals mixed inside of sexy triphip or Brazilian beats or French music or American indie college radio music. 

This song has all the right elements. It’s beautiful and it uplifts me and it carries me away emotionally to the distant shores of a secret island where the perfect melody fuses with some angelic sexy aura of lascivious yet relaxing rhythms which I assume are hips and hard surfaces and sweat and salty delicious rawrrr.

And now if you excuse me I will go listen to some other songs by this duo.

BTW I’ve begun accumulating these songs I write about in my playlist on YouTube. The playlist is called Music Dork, but if you want to just get there fast:

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