‘Brutal’ — Hey this is a pretty good song

My favorite lines are, “I love people I don’t like,” and “I can’t even parallel park,” but this whole song is super good, especially when the instruments stop and she just goes, “God … it’s brutal out here.”

I’m not gonna pretend that I like even half of the popular songs in America right now. But I love this new song by Olivia Rodrigo called “Brutal.”

I’m not sure you can even still call it a new song because it came out more than a few days or weeks ago, which in America is like the equivalent of 70 years, but this is a super good song.

I played it for my sister-by-choice in the car and her first reaction was, “Oh my god now I get all the memes about Olivia Rodrigo, but she sounds like the Breeders doesn’t she?”

Yes she does, at least on this song. Olivia Rodrigo does not sound like the Breeders on her other songs. She does play a guitar capably for a young pop musician, I have to say, and it’s shocking that there’s even a guitar in a pop song right now, since hip-hop and electronic DJs and other producers have conspired with the powers that be who control the monopoly of the pop music industry to shovel a lot of unlistenable garbage into the ear holes of Americans. But I digress.

Olivia Rodrigo has had other songs that she’s known for more than this song, which goes to show you how popular style and taste is not exactly equal to the quality of the music.

But let’s be positive about this song. And let’s be positive about Olivia Rodrigo, because she is quite good, regardless of how she stacks up to current or previous popular artists.

There is another song on her new album I like and maybe I will write about that song another day. For now enjoy this Breeders-esque trip through a teenage wasteland, or is it a teenage dream?

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