I want to get out of the house

I would like to get out of the house please.
I have been inside my house for a long time.
Have you been inside your house for a long time?
I am perfectly sane.
There is nothing insane about me at this point.
I have known many sane people.
I am a good judge of sanity.
I am quite sure I am still sane.
I hope I get to leave my house soon.
I don’t know what’s going on.
I have watched a lot of shows over and over.
I have two giant pickle jars in the kitchen.
I am alone in my house.
When am I going to get to live a life full of living sometime someday not in my house but out somewhere where there are people and things makes sense and there are repercussions for bad people and there are rewards for good people and silly little things like mass murdering pandemics don’t exist anymore and the life I am leading is not inside my house?
I am glad that I am friends with you.

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