Why I’m still on Facebook (for now) even though Facebook is a spigot for bigots

The main reason I’m still on Facebook is because, over the years, I have made a lot of friends and I’d like to keep up with all y’all.

Also, a fair number of people who’ve read me in the newspaper keep up with my writing and videos there.

Anyway, my feed is a glory. I blocked many hundreds of Trumpers, primarily because they befriended me, then they started attacking my friends in the comments sections of my posts.

One blockee even called a women in my comments sections “cunt.”

My Nana (a white nursing supervisor who desegregated a hospital in Little Rock, almost all by herself, in the 19fucking50s, no less), she used to say this thing to me all the time:

You can’t soar like an eagle if you hang around turkeys.

My friends, you are eagles.

Trumpers are turkeys.

They can’t fly with us.

Anywho, so my friends list on Facebook is several thousand leftists, feminists, BLM and LGBTQ+ advocates, outsiders, insiders, cool people, dorks, anti-bigots, social justice warriors, a few moderates with good hearts, and other heroic things.

You can call yourselves whatever you want. I like to call you The Uplifters around my house.

You’re uplifting yourselves, your friends, your family, your neighborhoods, cities, states, nation, and existence.

Do I want to abandon you all to the pathetic little floppy villains who want to make Russia great again?

Not particularly.

At the same time, I totally understand why so many good people have deleted Facebook.

Facebook makes billions of dollars every day by selling our data without compensating us.

Facebook serves us ads from the villains who instead should be brought to justice, shamed, ignored, vilified, and expelled to an unopenable closet of history.

And here I am, Mr. Naive, because I want Facebook to be what Facebook was at its best — America’s Daily Yearbook, where we post photos of our dogs and cats, and jokes, and vacation slides, and life and death updates, and, of course, cultural and political leftism.

The main person who is stopping Facebook from becoming a better place is the guy who created Facebook, first as a site to rank young women’s looks, then as this.

I feel like that guy and his wife think if they just keep helping bigoted villains take over the world that they will get to keep their money and power if the villains begin a new program of genocide.

And the guy who created Facebook (like certain other billionaire Republicans) appears not to know that genocidal villains in the past took money and power away from people like him and his wife, and then stuck them in gas chambers.

And so, the people who run Facebook are wearing historical blinders as they elevate villains and become, themselves, money grubbing, unethical, immoral, spigots for bigots.

Anywho, a concurrent reason I remain on Facebook for now is to be a Trojan Horse.

I’ve been a Trojan Horse my whole career.

I worked at 10 newspapers, and at all of them, I was typically the most extremist, leftist, feminist, LGBTQ+ advocate, anti-bigot, social justice warrior leader with a big smile on my face.

I didn’t want to be a Trojan Horse.

I’d rather spend my time being a fun-loving 420 pansexual vegan party unicorn, I mean, honestly, who wouldn’t want to just spend their lives reveling in the flesh and fantasy of happy-go-lucky small talk and woohoos?

Yes, I know I’m all over the place today.

So I was a Trojan Horse at newspapers.

It was like this.

Every newspaper, TV channel, and most radio stations are owned by billionaires, who are almost always conservative, anti-worker villains. I can’t think of an exception off the top of my head.

Those wealthy media owners buy news organizations so they can dictate their tax-cut politics to the masses.

They tell their employees that they can’t put political signs in their yards, nor can they write too much of their opinion online, nor can they donate to politicians, nor can they write their opinions in “objective” news pieces.

Some of these bosses won’t even let reporters write the term “climate change” in their papers.

Journalists, by and large, buy into this “don’t divulge your true heart” horseshit, because they have good hearts, and they want to be considered “ethical.”

But these journalists haven’t opened their eyes yet (they will when they’re older) that their wealthy “owners” are reserving the First Amendment and free speech for themselves.

Now, I know a lot of old-school journalists will say, “I exercise the First Amendment every time I report the news.”

That’s only partially true.

The First Amendment guarantees that all of us — even “objective” journalists — have multiple rights. The rights to:

Accept, ignore, or reject religion

Free speech and expression 

Free press

Assemble and protest

Communicate with the government and file lawsuits

If you’re a journalist, and your billionaire owner threatens to punish you for using political signs, bumper stickers, posting opinions, protesting, covering protests, or donating to political causes with money, words or actions, then they are violating your First Amendment rights.

And if you go around telling other journalists that they should follow the wealthy bosses’ orders, then you may have Stockholm Syndrome, and I ask you to consider that as a possibility.

Ask yourselves.

Should the wealthy and the powerful get to profit off of the First Amendment, while poorly paid journalists with subpar benefits are disallowed from fully using the free speech and expression rights of the First Amendment?

I just find this “objective” silencing of employees’ First Amendment rights to be utterly bananas.

Of course, it’s difficult for journalists who came of age in the era of ethics to put their career on the line and put their foot down, and say, “If you don’t like my voice, then you can fire me.”

I mean, journalists just want to work and pay the bills. It’s not easy to fight your boss.

Well, it’s easier to fight your boss once you’ve been one and you realize that a roomful of bosses can be the most toxic thing you’ve ever seen in your life. I was a mid-level boss at one paper in particular where I’d sit in these daily meetings and listen to editors talk shit about reporters and photographers, and I’d tell them to shut their stupid fucking mouths, because their whole job was to sit around all day and not go cover a fire or a flood or a murder spree for bad pay.

I always work well with editors. I like editors. I often say that The Great Gatsby was turned in at twice its published length, his editor cut the book in half, and that’s why the Great Gatsby became a classic, so if F. Scott Fitzgerald needed an editor, I’m pretty sure I do too.

I mean look how long this thing I’m writing is right now.

But for most of my career, I have been paid to be opinionated. As such, I kept saying what I wanted, in newspapers all across the nation.

Here’s what I found out.

None of them fired me.

They kept promoting me, and giving me tons of money.

Plenty of times, mid-level editors whined about me, because they worried what the higher-ups would think.

One backstabbing editor I had would smile in my face and call me names behind my back. Which I found out, because journalists talk to each other.

I did work with a conservative person or two who tried to punish me for my politics. But I told them what’s what, and I left those newspapers, eventually.

But when I was an “objective” hard news reporter, I could’ve got fired for putting one bumper sticker on my car. How does that make a newspaper a bastion of free speech and expression?

What I’m getting at is:

Facebook — like newspapers — is messy.

I hate that Facebook punishes people for sexual expression, but takes ad money from people pitching genocidal icons onto America and the world and humanity.

And so … I am still on Facebook, largely because I have a lot of friends here like you, I have a lot of newspaper readers who still keep up with me here, and I have other acquaintances here, and work connections, and people who send me dick pics and nudes (DM me).

So on the one hand, the radical extreme leftist in me feels like I should leave Facebook because it’s a piece of shit in terms of who runs it.

But in reality, I leave, and then another leftist is gone, and then we’re allowing this website app, which is the third or fourth or fifth biggest site in the world, to be groomed and dominated by a bunch of villains and Russia.

So I totally get the argument for leaving Facebook, and I don’t blame one person for deleting it and wanting the entirety of Facebook taken off of the face of the earth, because the people who run it are selling their souls to the secular devil.

But to me, at this point, Facebook can still be overtaken.

Notice, I didn’t say we could talk sense into the guy who runs it.

Sometimes (rarely) the system can be changed from the inside by infiltrating the power base, and overthrowing the villains who run it.

That’s what I’m calling on from the people who work at Facebook, and sympathetic board members, and stockholders.

Overthrow Facebook.

Occupy it.

Eject the villains and replace them with heroes.

I wish people would do that with the media, too. Take it over, and reshape it in our image. But wishes are rainbow farts.

While I remain on Facebook, I reserve the right to leave.

And maybe some fantasy will happen, where George Soros funds a Leftist Facebook where we can all go to.

Lately, I’ve been blogging on a site and YouTube called dougable, because I’m trying to do something where it profits Facebook less, but that’s not The Big Answer.

The Big Answer is for Facebook insiders to overthrow the current regime and evict the villains.

Will that happen? I guess we shall see if people in the system increase their outrage, voice, and actions.

OK, this was a long thing I wrote to describe something, so now I’m gonna go smoke some weed and watch some porn and eat some food and run on the treadmill and enjoy a few popsicles and wait for your sexy masturbatory DMs.

I hope you’re having the best day ever.

I love you.

— Doug

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