How dougable are you? A Cosmo-y quiz!


I had an exciting thought: “Who are my people?”
Take this Cosmo-y quiz to see how much “my people” you are. QUIZ: Give yourself 1 point for each statement you match below. Scroll to the end for my 7-point ranking, I will tell you how dougable you are. Leave your dougable number in the comments. Copy-paste on your page but with your own bullet points to see who your people are, too!

7. You return your friends’ texts, unlike Ched, Ched is apparently too busy to text you back, because he is stuck at home during quarantine and he has nothing better to do than to ignore your texts, so you’re going to start texting Cate his girlfriend instead

6. You hoarded weed during quarantine, and when you smoked it or ate it, you calculated the math of how long your weed would hold out, before you started smoking the aloe plant in the corner

5. You are a house nudist, although you are very, very careful in the kitchen

4. Your breakfast, lunch, or dinner is sometimes ice cream, cereal. chips-and-dip, or another fine delicacy

3. During quarantine, you can’t decide what to do next in life, should you be a sex worker, or should you be a pansexual unicorn for discerning couples (DM only serious offers please)

2. Before quarantine, you did outdoor 100 Day Challenges — like learning how to run — and during quarantine, you do indoor 100 Day Challenges, like masturbating 11 times a day

1. If every registered Republican voter fell into the ocean and drowned tomorrow, a part of you would be like … “Poor fish, they didn’t do anything to deserve that’”


I AM VERY DOUGABLE: You matched with me on 5-7 bullet points. Let’s get together and dougable it up

I AM DOUGABLE SOMETIMES: You matched on 2-4 bullet points. Let’s get together and get you higher up on the dougability index

I WOULD LIKE TO BE MORE DOUGABLE: You matched on 0-1 bullet points. Let’s get together and we will begin with house nudity and weed, you will be dougable in no time

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