It’s Them or Us — Be The Savior You Want To See In The World

A mother told me, if someone murdered her child, she would want to set fire to the world.
And yet, it’s not the mothers or the protesters setting America ablaze during this American Spring. It’s the government, authorities, and a small number of people who are using this opportunity to burn the world, behind the cloak of our cause.
Villains abound.
But the villains are scared, and you know why they’re scared.
Whenever women, people of color, LGBTQ Americans, or outsiders attain an ounce of equality or dignity, they get brutalized, bloodied, and bullied by the frightened little villains of America.
No matter how big our victories for justice over time, these people — these scurrilous villains — return, and you know their names, and I will not spoil the taste in my mouth by uttering their sick syllables.
And yet our resolve grows to cure our environment of these villains, along our journey to a just and free time.
Yes, they are in power now, the villains.
But we will make them weak.
They abuse their positions, the cowards.
But we will make them meek.
The villains — they decry “minorities,” but their numbers are shrinking, so they are the most vulnerable minority now, with their decrepit old 20th century privilege, teetering on the cusp of extinction.
We are the motivated majority.
We outnumber them.
We are of sounder minds and morals.
In every survey and poll, Americans say our ideals and attitudes are the best and most favored path forward for this country in tatters.
What we, The Uplifters, have lacked for too long is the villains’ only strength — they have the single-minded focus to combine their moral flexibility with their mindless resolve, and their trickster resourcefulness, to try to utterly destroy us, inside and out, every single one of us, any chance they get.
The villains have an expression they say every day:
“Don’t let an opportunity go to waste.”
Villains see each day’s bad news as an opportunity to steal your money and to steal your freedom and to laugh at you — and you already know that.
We would be wise to adopt this expression, but also to whip it against them, so we can get what you and we want:
“Don’t let an opportunity go to waste.”
Now here they are, shooting and killing peaceful protesters, abusing federal laws and military troops, to try to destroy us.
And when I say they’re trying to take “us” out, I mean me, you, our loved ones, our friends, and our peers.
We have seen the enemy and it’s them.
It’s them or us.
The villains have every intention of pushing you down, and making you poor and unfree for the rest of your life.
The question you have to ask yourself is:
What are you willing to do about it?
What is every day’s opportunity for you to get what you and we want?
Do you have the moral righteousness, the mindful resolve, and the clever resourcefulness to conquer and dispatch these people — these despicable villains — peacefully, once and for all?
Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
It is now clear to all of us in America that we have to go a step beyond what Gandhi said.
We can’t just be the change we want to see.
We have to be the savior we want to see in the world, or else the world won’t be saved.
Most leaders aren’t even trying to save us. They’re either hurting us or staying silent. They’re either against us, or counting our money in the shadows.
So that’s it.
We are the saviors we’ve been waiting for.
And I have every confidence in you and me and everyone we know to be one savior among many.
That’s all we have to be.
You don’t have to be the only savior. You just have to be one hero among many heroes in a hive of millions.
I know you’ve been working hard to fight back. We all have. I’m not here to pester you to do what you’ve already been doing.
I’m here to be one among many, rooting you on, just as you have had my back on any given day. Gratitude isn’t a platitude.
But there is something else.
It doesn’t seem possible any longer to merely beat back the tides of ignorance and aggression from villains.
It is readily apparent that the goal going forward must be to debilitate these villains, to crush their ideals, and to never let them return to prominence.
Make no mistake. These villains aim to tear Americans apart, brown face by brown face, female face by female face, LGBTQ face by LGBTQ face, leftist by leftist, liberal by liberal, moderate by moderate.
They are coming for us all.
They laugh at our tears.
They cage our children.
They shoot at people for the crime of looking just like us.
Isn’t it time to give them something to cry about?
Isn’t it time to take away their power — all of their power?
You ask, “Who will come save us?”
We will.
We is you and me and everyone else on our side.
I know it’s been wearisome.
I know we’re all challenged by this horrific stage of bad actors. But we fight on.
Yes, we all have to take a pause from time to time to catch our breath, to rest for the road ahead.
So even if you don’t feel the energy and courage to get outside and face the wicked enemy right now, do what you can from inside.
Donate to good people and causes — if you can afford it.
If you can’t, then volunteer to make calls.
Organize online.
Go take video of a protest and post it, if you can.
If you can’t, then call local politicians and CEOs and other community leaders, and tell them you demand they take positive action for our side, or else you will withhold money from them, and you will align against them online and in person.
Hold their feet to the fire.
In all my years in journalism and power, I know of only one thing that people in the media and power always answer to, and that is the squeaky wheel.
Be the squeaky wheel.
Squeak your head off at people in power, and don’t stop squeaking at them.
Tell every leader you want to look up to that they need to prove they’re leaders by leading — by actually doing something immediately. Not next year. Not after their focus groups and task forces bog down. No. Now.
It’s all productive. Every big and little thing you do is productive.
Cowards and weaklings will tell you to give up, or wait it out, or tired people will say, “don’t be so extreme,” as if what we’re suffering through right now isn’t extreme.
Scared villains will tell you they aren’t listening to you, because schoolyard bullies have sensitive little ears stuffed with insipid little fingers.
But we don’t speak out to change villains who can’t be changed.
We speak out to give people like us the strength to carry on, every hour, every day — against them, the villains.
And we speak out to dance with the First Amendment while it’s still alive and bleeding.
I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.
These are cliches at this point, but they are doubly true.
Fight for this country, or it won’t fight for you.
Fight for all of us who need your energy, or we will lose each other.
Be a warrior, not a worrier.
Thank you.
I love you.
Be the savior you want to see in the world.

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