I BELIEVE IN US, is what I feel like this picture is saying

I’m going to obsess over my face for a minute, (so please forgive me if you’re a jealous ninny who doesn’t like it when I post pictures of my face) … but if you’re not a jealous ninny then join me for the following mustache ride across my face.
I feel like …
I look like a future deposed leader of Syria in this photo. I don’t mean that as a knock against Syrians in any way whatsoever. I just feel like, I look like a president? But not president of America. But more like, I look like the president of some other country where my exotic jaw-to-brow makes you feel like, “This guy can run things. I’m going to give him a lot of money and resources, and not question his judgment until it is too late.”
I feel like …
I should put a headline next to my face, and the headline should say something uplifting, like, “I BELIEVE IN US” or “VOTE FOR ME IN 2024 IF YOU WANT A POWER DADDY.”
I feel like …
This would be a good photo to go atop my Facebook page, if I were a minister, and I totally want to be, because I have a lot of things to say about that. I don’t want to be a bad minister. I want to be a nice minister who says happy things, like, “I have faith in you. You can do it,” in return for money.
I feel like …
I’m going to be posting a lot of photos of my face in the near and distant future. I’ve avoided posting close-ups of my face for years, because I didn’t think I looked great. Then one day, everyone kept telling me I looked great, so now I’m cool with making love to my face all the time wherever I go on this journey to My Faceland.
I feel like …
I’m vain, but you can’t take it seriously, unless you’re a ninny who is secretly jealous of my beauty, taste, and style. Besides. We are all equally beautiful. We should all be making out together in a big dog pile. Mmhm. Oh yes.
But enough of me. Let’s talk about you. How do you feel about me?

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