Guess who’s a big boy now

I don’t know if you’ve heard but … I’m a big boy.

I want to thank Milly and Maxie for inspiring me to make this video for them.

They sent me fun videos thanks to their mom and dad, two of my longest friends, Bob and Emily.

So I made this and sent it back to them.

But then I thought I should maybe let you see it too.

Just in case you need a laugh.

If you’d like to encourage me to make more entertainment for you, please consider doing any one of the following things.

A. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, like all my videos, watch them through to the end so that the YouTube algorithm sees that my videos get watched, and write many comments under my YouTube videos. The more engagement you give my videos, the more YouTube will care about you and me, and then I can begin to get money from YouTube. Financial support means more of me and you sharing these bonding times together.

B. Send me money via PayPal by going to:

C. Mail gift cards, review products, presents, and postcards to me at:

  Doug Elfman

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Green screen:

Portable editing tablet:

Main editing tablet:




Twitter: Elfman

And let me know how you like this video.

All my crazy love,

— Doug

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“I’m A Big Boy”

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